Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I play videos on my mobile phone and tablet?

Yes, is 100% compatible with all tablets and mobile phones.

What are benefits of a premium membership?

  • – you can watch unlimited full length videos per day in HD
  • – you can download all videos in HD
  • – full loading speed when playing videos
  • – you get unlimited access to the biggest home porn video base
  • – you get daily updates

Why do you charge for a premium membership?

We serve more than 100.000 videos daily and we have no annoying ads. Hosting fees are sky-high and we depend on premium members to help us pay the fees. Do you love home porn as much as we do? 😉

Is billing safe and 100% anonymous?

Yes. Your payment is safe and 100% discreet. We have a contract with CCBill. CCBill is the leader in online Merchant global billing services.

Why was my transaction declined?

There could be various reasons why your transaction was declined. If you believe you have funds on your account, please contact us and we will work it out.

How do I cancel my membership ?

To cancel your membership is easy, just go to Ccbill website with your transaction ID and you will be able to cancel anytime you want.

How can I upload naked video of my girl or wife?

That’s simple. Login with your username and password and go to submit your home porn. We only approve real homemade porn videos of girls older than 18 years old.

Why are videos pausing or running so slow?

This is due to your slow connection. Please ensure no one is downloading on your network and close heavy bandwidth programs like Torrent, DC. Resetting your modem and/or router may also help.

Is site design displaying properly?

TigerAmateur is optimized to run and display smoothly on all most popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. If you are having issues, we suggest you to upgrade to the latest version of your browser.

How can I remove my sex video from the site?

You can remove your personal videos you uploaded. To do so, please login to your account and go to profile page. From there you can remove your videos. If somebody else uploaded your video you want to be removed. Please read the DMCA page.

How can I logout from TigerAmateur

Once a member you’re logged in, if you want to logout, it’s easy, just click here.

Is your question still unanswered?

If you couldn’t find the answer you are looking for, you can contact us: tigeramateur //

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